The Aluminium Split Couplers used at Optical Fiber Cable blowing operations to connect the underground laid OFC duct to couple with already loaded ducts with cable blowing machine at ground level or at convenient location.

Our Split couplers are made of high grade virgin aluminium , which can withstand fungus attacks and corrosion free. It’s typical design is very easy to use at work sites, very simple to fix and remove at trench depths or man holes , no spanners required, just small lever is enough to fix.

Avaialble in size 40 mm, 50mm, 32mm and can be customized

Advantages of our Split Coupler:
  • Alumnium Couplerwith Less weight
  • Anti fungal coating
  • Easy to remove and fix
  • Hanging Bolts and Nuts protected from losing into trench.
  • Hot chromed coating against rust.

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