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    Gowin 1020 hydraulic Model Optical fiber cable blowing machine very ideal for quick deployments of fiber cable at an emergency conditions while unforeseen fiber cable cut or any other needs immediate replacements,can float OFC of size core diameter 10 mm to 18 mm any configuration whether armored  or unarmored  cable, we can deploy the machine at site very quickly with minimal work force ,

    Machine runs on hydraulic power supported by powerpack fitted with HONDA GX200 petrol driven engine also comes with all accessories required for cable blowing , like cable 'U' seals , split couplers , pipe cutters , sleeves , metal pilot caps and allied products. you can visit our web  www.prayaag.org to know more details about our products

    The blowing machine requires no dedicated operator to run the machine because its very simple to operate  with semi-skilled operator and very easy to shift from one work site to other since machine weighs only less than 38 kilos and power pack 60 kgs , also assembling at work site takes few minutes saves lot of time and fuel, can make more profits over all maintenanceThe aluminum split couplers supplied by us takes only 1 to 2 minutes to connect machine with underground duct  .

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    GOWIN 1020 HYDRAJET FibreCable Blowing Machine


    Model Name : GOWIN 1020 Hydraulic
    Fiber Cable sizes : 9 mm to 18mm core diameter
    Duct sizes : 25mm to 50 mm
    Cable blow speed : 70 meters per minute
    Type : Hydraulic Model
    Engine Model & Capacity: Petrol Engine Honda Gx 200
    Engine capacity : 4 kW
    Power pack : Power pack Bosch- Rexorth
    Hydraulic oil pressure: 100 Kg/CM2
    Machine weight: 38 Kgs
    Hydraulic Power pack weight: 60 Kgs

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