Gowin 1020 Pneumatic Fiber Optic Cable Blowing Machine

Optical fiber cable blowing machine can blow OFC of size 9 mm to 16 mm dia of any configuration whether armored or unarmored cable into the ducts of size 25 to 63 mm. The machine is powered by 835 RPM High power ModecMT20 air motor. Anodized Aluminium air chamber unit to prevent from fungus and corrosion.

The blowing machine requires no dedicated operator to run the machine because its very simple to operate with semi skilled operator and very easy to shift from one work site to other since machine weighs only less than 38 kg. Also assembling at work site takes few minutes, saves lot of time and fuel, with low maintenance.

The machine is provided with all accessories required for cable blowing like Rubber ‘U’ seals , split couplers , Filter lubrication system, Duct cutter, Allen Key set, Fiber Hammer, Spare bolts and nuts.

Over view
  • Fabrication: Aluminum Casting
  • Body Finish: Powder Coating
  • Cable Dia(mm) : 09 to 16
  • Duct OD(mm) : 25 to 63
  • Drive Unit : Pneumatic motor
  • Speed at Max power (RPM) : 835
  • Free Speed (RPM) : 1946
  • PushingForce(N) : 0 - 260
  • Linear Pressure on Cable(N/cm) : 94
  • Max.Speed (m/min) : 75
  • Air Consumption : 1800 l/min
  • Pressure of Use : 6 bar
  • Air inlet for Duct pressure : 11 Kg/cm2

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