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    HDPE Duct Coupler

    Push fit couplers of high density Poly ethelene vergin grade is very easy to fix and also with stands high pressure air of 15 Kg bar is very safe to working enviroment for optical fiber cable blowing process. it has been built with rigid sturdy steel tubular fabrication for easy usage at site and can be self coiled in the tubular frame and easily roll like trolley on ground by its wheels fitted at bottom .

    HDPE Duct Coupler

    • Available size:32 mm and 40mm
    • No mmnual threading or addessive required.
    • No need to dismantle
    • Just push press the pipe in the center of coupler.
    • Coupler can be fitted in less than 1 minute
    • The proven sturdy and robust design is rated for 15 Kg/cm2 pressure.
    • Provides perfect leak-proof joint ensuring safer and faster DIT and cable blowing
    • operation.
    • No Metal part used.

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