Gowin Minijet Pneumatic Cable Blowing Machine

GOWIN’ s Minijet Micro fiber cable blowing machine powered by Atlas Copco Pneumatic air motor is a new series of equipment in cable blowing designed to meet the installation of Micro optical fiber cables in pre installed ducts at quick intervals safely.

GOWIN’s Minijet cable blowing machine can blow micro fiber cables of size 3mm to 10 mm into micro ducts from 7mm to 32 mm. The machine is powered by premium quality 835 RPM Pneumatic motor

This new series micro fiber cable blowing machine GOWIN MINIJET installs micro fiber cable into micro ducts by pneumatic motor along with high pressure air stream into ducts. Thus the fiber cable floats inside the duct reduces the friction and transports the fiber cable inside the micro ducts at an average speed 100 to 125 meters per minute reaches the target distance.

Air compressor of capacity 50 to 60 CFM for micro ducts up to 20 mm and pressure rating of 300 -350 CFM up to 40 mm duct needed to operate this equipment.




    • Premium quality rust free and corrosion free aluminium die casting pushing unit
    • 1060 RPM Atlas Copco pneumatic motor for speed installation of micro fiber.
    • FRL System to eliminate dust particles from air ensures clean compressed air drives the pneumatic motor for best result
    • High quality V groove belt with longer life and better performance enables smooth flow of cables
    • Hardened, heat treated and surface coated accessories used.
    • Air Chamber made of HE30 grade Aluminium gives longer life.
    • Space saving and compact machine
    • Aluminium carry case provided for safe transport of machine

    We provide machine with all necessary inserts and tools. We can assure our best services and support on our machines. Please contact us for further details.


Over view
    • Fabrication: Aluminum Casting
    •  Body Finish: Powder Coating
    •  Cable Dia(mm) : 03 to 10
    •  Duct OD(mm) : 7 to 32
    •  Drive Unit : Atlas Copco Pneumatic motor
    •  Speed at Max power (RPM) : 1060
    •  Free Speed (RPM) : 2075
    •  PushingForce(N) : 800
    •  Linear Pressure on Cable(N/cm) : 80
    •  Max.Speed (m/min) : 100-125
    •  Air Consumption : 72 CFM, 34 lps
    •  Pressure of Use : 6 bar
    •  Air inlet for Duct pressure : 13 Kg/cm2

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